2021, May                                                                                

Dear friends of photography,

I come back with some news about the world of photography and as usual, also about my business, which I hope will be interesting for you.


The site, which had already been revised at the beginning of the year, is now enriched with some important innovations and other photo galleries.

The Menu, only on my home page, sees the addition of three references:


  1. In the large Stampe (prints) section you can find a selection of photographs for sale at affordable prices. A discount will still be reserved for regular readers of this newsletter, or for those who order more than one photograph.

  2. Postproduzione (postproduction) proposes my work of retouching and development of RAW, Tiff or Jpeg files

  3. The page Corsi dedicated to Courses, which are reserved for individual teaching or for small pre-established groups, for example clubs and photoclubs, is completely new.


Those who love travel and volcanic landscapes will find interest in the unpublished photographs of LANZAROTE, taken in June 2018.

A whole new section SPETTACOLO, partially still under construction, offers theater, dance and back stage photographs. Currently only one gallery is visible with very old analog shots of the Teatro I in Milan, dating back to the early eighties.


                             © Umberto Carlo Sommaruga

Teatro I - Milano 1985                In the dressing rooms, during make-up




Giorgio Negro

Bazan Photo Publishing - 2019

“Voglino” award 2019

A metaphysical and spiritual journey into the human soul, often visiting their sufferings in a continuous diatribe between good and evil. About sixty black and white photographs. 25 x 30 cm.

This is the first book by Giorgio Negro, from Piedmont, with a Swiss mother and an Italian father, who grew up in the Susa Valley (Italy). Giorgio spent most of his life in the service of the International Committee of the Red Cross, , with important roles, following unanitary operations in various war zones of the world. Among all Chechnya, Colombia, Peru, Chad, Sudan, Israel, Libya and Iraq.

His photographic training is recent and began in 2005 thanks to the meeting with two great Italian photographers, Ernesto Bazan and Dario De Dominicis, who immediately became his masters, friends and mentors. Much more recently, in 2017, he abandoned his work in the humanitarian field to devote himself completely to photography.

I do not like critics who take the place of the author, putting themselves in the foreground by assigning meanings and interpretations and I will therefore limit myself to affirming that Giorgio Negro's book is among the most exciting that I have happened to leaf through in recent times. The decisive cuts and shots, blacks sometimes prevailing over whites, shadows prevailing on the lights, sometimes refer to the works of Bazan and De Dominicis, without detracting from the uniqueness of the author.


© Giorgio Negro

© copyright on texts and images, unless otherwise specified, Umberto Carlo Sommaruga